Heiser Farms CX 2015

Heiser Farms is a scenic course in sleepy rural Oregon where pumpkins and corn mazes are rampant. A locally-owned and run family farm, Heiser Farms has been in operation since 1991, and open to the public since 1994 for weekend outings and pumpkin patch excursions. This venue is more than just an Autumn day searching for the perfect pumpkin; it’s also home to an annual cyclocross battleground.

The Heiser Farms CX was the last race in the GPRM series and the third race in the OBRA Junior Cyclocross Series Presented by Castelli.

The race course was a combination of open grass straights with forested bumpy single track that favored bike handling over all out power.

Coming into the race, Jacob was leading the 10-12 category with Peter sitting in second in the 17-18 category, and Joe in second in the 15-16 category. The tight battle made for some very competitive racing, with a large group of racers staying together, including riders from PDX DEVO, Bend Endurance, Westend and others.

Joe and Peter finished fourth and fifth overall with Joe winning his category (15-16) and Peter finishing second (17-18). Jacob again won the 10-12 category, with Halen, Ben and Collin all putting in great races in the 10-12 category. We will be resting up this weekend and preparing for the first Cross Crusade, a double race weekend at Alpenrose Dairy.

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