Mission & Staff

Mission Statement

The mission of PDX Devo is to foster health and community building skills for children and young adults through the sport of cycling. Honesty, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and holistic wellness are among the core values of the program. These values are paramount to the program and developed through the sport of cycling. PDX Devo riders participate in a full range of disciplines including all aspects of road cycling, cyclocross, track, and various mountain-bike disciplines. Our riders ages range from 10-18 years.

We offer riders a variety of skills courses to help them become more comfortable and confident on the bike, as well as a host of core cardio conditioning sessions to help riders achieve better overall strength and fitness. In addition we strive to achieve our mission through a series of classes to round out the cycling experience on and off the bike including stretching routines, breathing techniques, balance drills, nutrition information sessions, bike mechanics and more. Through these experiences we believe riders have the opportunity to enjoy learning all aspects of the exciting sport of cycling that they can continue throughout their lives.


Steven Beardsley – Head Coach / Director Sportif

Joel Fletcher – Assistant Director

Erin Goodall – Coach

Andrea Fisk-Beardsley – Coach

Scott Rath – Coach